10 Islamic State militants captured alive in Tabqah, Syria

An Islamic State group logo on the Tabqah dam.

Clashes between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Islamic State (IS) group continue to the west of Raqqa near the Tabqah dam.

According to a report by the local Hawar News Agency 10 IS jihadists were captured in clashes on Friday night.

A video shared on the agency’s site shows several corpses belonging to militants of the extremist group.

The operation to capture Tabqah dam began five days ago after SDF fighters were airdropped behind IS lines to take the strategic area and further encircle Raqqa, the jihadist group’s last stronghold in Syria.

At least 8 villages and several hamlets have been taken by the SDF since Tuesday. Clashes continue in the north and south of the dam.