10 Secrets For Guys How To Attract Girls

Plenty of you guys seem to be baffled as they try to attract girls on the Best Christian Dating sites. There’s really no mystery to this problem. As a woman, I’d like to solve this puzzle for you by sharing several tips that will definitely help you out with the ladies. Here’s my list of male qualities that the girls absolutely love!

  • Prince Valiant

Try to cultivate this style of ‘rising to the occasion’ when you find a girl in distress. We’re not talking about stopping speeding bullets, but the simpler things of everyday life. Let’s say you see a young lady struggling with loading bags of groceries into her car in the parking lot. Offer to give her a hand, without appearing to be overtly coming on to her. In fact, say it’s an elderly woman – offer to help her. A girl nearby may observe this action and come over to remark on your gallantry! Your acts of kindness are a surefire way to attract girls. Make this quality a way of life.

  • The sensitive guy

So many guys are perceived by the girls to lack sensitivity. For example, if a girl is having a ‘bad hair day, humor her. Maybe she’s feeling down for reasons you think are inconsequential, just plain dumb, or simply unreasonable. If you show sensitivity to her ‘plight’, you’ll find that her mood will improve instantly. Try it, she’ll like it, particularly if you make this a regular practice.

  • Mercy, mercy

If you truly desire to attract girls, show some mercy when she does a boo-boo. Remember, everyone makes mistakes, even you(!)

  • The good listener

Too many guys spend a lot of time talking about themselves. This habit doesn’t endear you to the girls. Instead, try drawing her out, finding out about her interests and her life.

  • A good sense of humor

The guy who is able to laugh off the minor vagaries of life is a guy who is attractive to the girls.

  • No crude language

If you use crude language in a plentiful way, train yourself to drop this characteristic if you hope to attract girls. This may be OK when you’re in the locker room, but it doesn’t fly with the ladies.

  • A willingness to accept constructive criticism

No one’s perfect, right? If a girl mentions something you do that annoys her, or in any way indicates that you’re imperfect, voicing her opinion nicely, without malice, listen and perhaps learn. This shows a girl that you’re not overly egotistical.

  • The helpful guy

This is a variation on Prince Valiant, but focuses on a specific area of behavior. Offers to take out the trash, check the oil in her car, or do some small task that girls generally dislike will definitely increase your ability to attract girls.

  • A lack of excessive jealousy

Although it’s natural to show occasional jealousy in certain situations, some guys get jealous over everything for no good reason. This is a turn-off to girls. If you’re the overly jealous type, try to curb this tendency. It will pay off.

  • The even-tempered guy

If you want to attract girls, this quality is sterling in any girl’s book. Everyone flies off the handle once in a while, but the hot-cold routine makes you an unstable guy in the girl’s mind. The mellow guy wins every time.

As mentioned, nobody’s perfect, but if you make these ten points a regular part of your interactions with girls, you’ll be nearly perfect and have no trouble when you seek to attract girls! Now you know the secrets of success with the ladies.