‘10,000 PKK terrorists killed’, Turkish state-run agency says

PKK fighters

The Anadolu Agency, Turkey’s official publicly owned news agency, has published a report on Turkish military operations since 24 July, 2015; the date which it says the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) scrapped the peace process.

“The gendarmerie, police, army and MIT (National Intelligence Organisation) have moved as one to eradicate the terrorist organisation. The security forces undertook cleansing operations against the PKK in Eastern and South-eastern Anatolia, primarily in Diyarbakir and Sirnak,” the report reads.

The agency’s report on the 557 days of clashes between Turkish state security forces and PKK militants throws up several intriguing figures: “According to information compiled by our correspondent, in the time between 24 July 2015 and 30 January 2017 823 security personnel consisting of police officers, soldiers and village guards were martyred by the PKK”. The agency’s report states, citing information obtained from the army, police and gendarmerie that “approximately 10,560 terrorists were killed” in the same time.

The PKK’s military wing, the People’s Defence Forces (HPG), puts the number of its fighters killed in the same time period at 805, including those killed in battles with the Islamic State group in Sinjar; putting Turkish state losses for the same time at 4654.

A report by the same news agency in 2015 had put the total number of PKK militants at 11,500.