Astana talks: joint declaration released

Mohammad Alloush (C), the head of the Syrian opposition delegation, attends Syria peace talks in Astana, Kazakhstan January 23, 2017. (REUTERS/Mukhtar Kholdorbekov)

After two days of talks in Astana, Russia, Turkey and Iran have released a final declaration.

The joint statement says that the mediators will establish a trilateral mechanism to monitor and ensure full compliance with the ceasefire in Syria, preventing any provocations and determining exactly how the ceasefire will work.

The statement also contained a commitment by Iran, Russia and Turkey to back the participation of Syria’s armed opposition in the UN-sponsored talks that are due to be held in Geneva next month.

It is still unclear whether the Syrian government or the opposition backed the communique. Earlier, one of the spokesmen for the opposition said “no agreements” would be signed. The Kurds of Syria had also said that they would not recognise the results or any decisions taken at the Astana talks.