41 children died in bomb attacks: Turkey’s Human Rights Association

IHD Report, human rights, violation
Human Rights Association (IHD)

Turkey’s Human Rights Association (IHD) has released a report stating that human rights violations in Turkey have systematically increased as a result of the hostile atmosphere dominating the country in 2016, as well as the implementation of the state of emergency lasting for months.

The report states that 22 children died due to fighting and 41 children died in bomb attacks in the eastern and southeastern regions of Turkey.

IHD Report, human rights, violation, referandum Turkey
IHD report on human rights violations in 2015 and 2016

“Violence against women and children continued and increased in 2016. With the existence of legal loopholes on the protection of women against male violence and the lack of a constructive policy, women are being killed every day and become victims of violence because the current laws are not made functional in administrative application,” the report says. Children were also also killed in cases of domestic violence, the report showed.

“We witness injuries and deaths of children as a result of unclaimed explosives, once again in the regions where there is an atmosphere of war. While increasing cases of sexual abuse against children have stood out in the past year, there is a lack of laws guaranteeing children’s rights and obligations as part of international conventions are not being fulfilled,” says the IHD report.

The IHD report also criticised Turkish authorities for ignoring constitutional amendments on human rights within the scope of constitutional reform in Turkey.

“Turkey’s constitutional amendment package, including amendments to the governing structure of Turkey and consisting of 18 articles, is neither occurring as result of public consensus nor serving the purpose of Turkey’s democratisation. We are faced with the need for a civil, democratic and pluralist constitution as a rising social demand. A new constitutional work in which ethnic background, language, religion, culture and differences are not ignored, common demands of different social groups are included and the freedom of thought and expression are secured must be started without the loss of any time,” the report concluded.