95 high-ranking soldiers detained for using encrypted messaging application

As part of the ongoing “FETO investigation” into the Gulenist Movement’s (named after the Muslim cleric living in the USA blamed by the Turkish government for masterminding the failed coup attempt of July, 2015) set-up within the Turkish Armed Forces, 95 high-ranking officers have been arrested for using an encrypted messaging application allegedly used by the organisation for internal communication.

Eight Colonels, three Lieutenant Colonels, eleven Majors and eleven Captains were detained for allegedly having the Bylock messaging application installed on their phones. As part of the operation, which was conducted simultaneously in 54 cities across Turkey, the houses of the soldiers were searched.

The authorities in charge of the “FETO investigation” have issued a total of 575 arrest warrants for high-ranking military officials from the army, the navy and the air force. Until now 351 people have been detained, of which 315 have been arrested and sent to prison awaiting trial.