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Botox treatment in Beverly Hills is such a common occurrence that, if you do go to Beverly Hills and tell a resident you’ve come to visit a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist, they might ask if you’ve come “for a Botox.”

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Contrary to how it sounds, Botox isn’t some greasy chemical or silicon-based gel. It’s a special protein produced by bacteria called clostridium botulinum. “Special” means that, without the proper expertise of doctors and cosmetic surgeons, it’s actually poisonous. The botulinum protein is a toxin that interferes with nerve impulses. When injected in small amounts into particular areas of the face or neck, it causes a highly-localized form of muscle paralysis, similar to that found in classic botulism.

In other words, particular tiny corners of a face or neck can be “frozen” or paralyzed into position with Botox. With proper application, Botox can be made to smoothen, and “freeze” previously sagging or wrinkled areas of the face and neck, preventing contractions in the muscles and skin that eventually (with a lifetime of use) cause wrinkles and fine lines.Visit here for more information.

How Botox is Applied

For cosmetic purposes or wrinkle treatment, Botox is injected using a very small or very fine needle. This is meant for more accuracy in targeting certain problem spots on the face or neck. Example spots are:

  • Forehead:

The best and most natural-looking results come from minimal injections of Botox on the forehead. Facial expressions are rendered more through the eyes, nose, mouth, and cheek, rather than the forehead. Applying Botox for a permanent lift in this area gives the most natural-looking improvement. Horizontal wrinkle lines can completely disappear with this treatment.

  • Crow’s feet:

These are the outer corners of the eyes that develop wrinkles from smiling, laughing, and frowning. Wrinkles in this area are usually due to the loss of skin elasticity and excessive sun exposure. A small injection of Botox for wrinkles in these corners will erase “crow’s feet.”

  • Frown and mouth wrinkles:

Minute injections of Botox in between the eyebrows, and “sad lines” extending from the corners of the mouth all the way up to the corners of the nose, can help erase or smoothen the sad, tired look of these lines.

Least Effective Areas and Ways

Cosmetic Botox treatment is generally safe and effective. But great care must be taken to never apply too much onto a patient. Too much Botox injected can have side effects. One of them is the reduction of a person’s ability to manifest emotions on his or her face; the tiny partial paralysis of certain muscles means they can no longer be used to express great emotions.

The most awkward part to make the mistake of applying too much Botox is the lip area. Too much of the substance makes the lips look unnatural, puffy, and immobilized. So make sure to do this with a licensed cosmetic surgeon for wonderful results.Click here