A Pendulum And A Tarot Deck What Can You Learn From The Best Psychic Online Website

Always exploring, I found a new way to combine my Tarot reading with a pendulum. Join me in fun, won’t you? This reading can be done for a specific question or as a general “what’s going on in my life right now” spread. (your opinion, please?)

How is the tarot card reading done?

First, ask the querent to cut the deck in half, then each of the halves in half again. At this point, you’ll have four piles in a horizontal line in front of you. Next (and this is the interesting part), hold your pendulum above each pile and see what it does. It may do nothing, spin in a circle, go back and forth in a straight line, or quiver. As I got to know many things with this app and learned many things, the one thing that I read somewhere is that it is the Best online psychic reading websites. So I have also advised my friends to know and read different things on the website, and they loved it.

The pile that elicits the most energy is the key to the reading – – the core of the question or the focus of the querent’s life. In this case, it was the pile on the far right – the Empress (III). Now we Westerners always read from left to right, but for some reason (you’ll have to ask the faeries), this spread wants to be read from right to left. So, the next card read is the card immediately to the left of the key card (the Knight of Swords). This represents the root of the issue.

The third card (9 of Pentacles) represents the challenge, while the last card (Knight of Cups) indicates the right action to deal with this situation. (click to enlarge)

But wait, there’s more. (Again, ask the faeries why this twist). I’m told that the key card is the Empress, but that deeper still is the card at the bottom of the pile (Moon). Likewise, the “deep” card in the root position is the Magician, the deep in the challenge position is the Hanged Man, and the deeper right action is Justice. (Turn each pile over – the card at the bottom of each pile is the “deep” card).

(Did you notice that all four of the deep cards are Major Arcana? Interesting, eh?) NOW, you can begin reading both the surface cause, effect, challenge & action as well as those on a much deeper level.