About KOM

Kom News Foundation was founded in the Netherlands by self-sustaining journalists in January 2017.

Kom News aims to report and shed light on the important but also lesser-heard stories, events and developments unfolding in, and connected to, the Middle Eastern regions and beyond.

Kom News, as the name suggests, endeavours to commonise information as a humble response to digital enclosures and monopolization, thus allowing non-commercial sites to re-publish and circulate our content by operating with a Creative Commons license as far as possible.

Kom News strives to be a trustworthy English-language source by creating and serving quality content as well as providing a platform for a wide spectrum of independent voices of opinion. While we cooperate with local Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, and Turkish news agencies, we also collaborate with independent journalists in the region and we encourage others to join us.

Code of Ethics

As a non-profit news site committed to the conduct of fair and principled journalism, KOM News undertakes to uphold the following:

1. To stay true to core journalistic values such as honesty, integrity, independence, impartiality, fairness and credibility.

2. Never to prioritise commercial or political interests over truth and our journalistic values.

3. To endeavour to uncover and report the truth in a clear, responsible and accurate manner.

4. To address any mistakes that might occur in the course of our coverage, correcting them promptly and taking steps to ensure that they do not recur.

5.  To take careful steps to distinguish between news, opinion and analysis in order to ensure that our audience understands what it is consuming.

6. To be as open and transparent as possible on the issue of news sources, while respecting internationally recognised guidelines concerning the rights of these sources.

7. To recognise and respect the diversity of human society with regard to its rich tapestry of race, culture, gender, sexual orientation and religion.

8. To welcome fair and honest media competition and support those media professionals who are subjected to repression, harassment and violence in the course of their journalistic work.