Academics call for an end to state violence in Nusaybin

A group of academics in Germany and the UK have called on human rights organisations, journalists, and peace coalitions to take action against the siege of Korukoy village (Xerabe Bava in Kurdish) in Turkey’s southeastern Nusaybin district of Mardin province.

The ‘academics for peace’ expressed concern over “state violence against the Kurdish population and other minority populations in Turkey”. The call suggested that “the violence exercised on the Kurdish population has become a strategy for the government in order to consolidate a nationalistic support for the referendum.”

“The village is under round-the-clock military curfew and there have been claims that villagers are being tortured and executed. Visitors, including journalists, MPs and human rights observers were denied entry to the village,” the statement read.

Korukoy has been under siege since 11 February by Turkish security forces. Three people have been confirmed killed and over 50 detained, though almost all contact with the area has been cut as soldiers stationed on the outskirts of the village are preventing people from entering the area.

Another two neighbourhoods in Nusaybin were placed under curfew on Wednesday morning for security forces to conduct military operations against Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants according to Turkish sources.

The Academics for Peace is a network of university staff and students that made headlines after 1128 academics signed a peace petition in Turkey on 11 January 2016. Many of the academics who signed the petition were later dismissed from their positions with some jailed.