Air Rifles More Than Can Shooters – Know the reality!!

A key thing to remember is that air rifles are not toys. Surely, as a kid you had one right? Shooting soda cans in your yard as practice targets were great to improve your aim; however, you wouldn’t hunt with an air gun right? You’d be amazed at what air guns in today’s world are capable of.

Recently, I heard about a hunting trip to South Africa. What was so unique about this trip was that it was an air rifle-only trip. The hunters were going to South Africa hunting large game with nothing but air guns. Modern air rifles are capable of so much more than was once possible previously. This trip to Africa encompassed several different calibers and types of air guns ranging from 9mm, .45 caliber and .50 caliber air rifles.

I couldn’t believe there was a .50 caliber air gun on the market! Bullets for the .50 caliber are massive and can take down large animals. Air rifle hunting with large bore guns pose unique challenges over traditional hunting. First is distance. A standard cartridge, such as a .300 Winchester Magnum, has a range of about 1,200 yards. This means getting a kill shot without the animal ever knowing you are close. With a bigger bore you are very limited to about 100 yards and even at 100 yards can be pushing it.

Hunting big game animals at long distances with an air rifle requires a lot of stealth. Some find the thrill of hunting with an air rifle more fun than that of a regular rifle because of the skill it takes to stalk and track the game to get into shooting range. If you want to get the information, then you can visit at site. The material available at the site is the best one to go for the adventures. The shooting range and materials are the best one for the people. The use of the riffles is with the intelligence.

Smaller game, such as rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and birds, can be hunted with a .22 caliber air rifle. Amazingly, the .22 air rifles are getting more and more affordable. One nice thing about these air rifles is that you can fire up to 40 shots before having to refill the air tank with a scuba tank or a hand pump.

Consider using an air rifle in your next hunt. Between hunting seasons, you can shoot targets or hunt smaller game. It’s affordable and makes less of a racket, so it won’t scare away game.