AKP politician prepares youth for civil war in case of ‘no’ in referendum

Provincial Deputy Leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Ozan Erdem, told participants of a conference to be ready for civil war if the no campaign won in the referendum for constitutional reform set to be held in April.

“If we are unsuccessful, prepare yourselves for civil war,” the AKP politician said at a conference organised by the youth wing of his party headlined ‘The Presidential System for a Great and Strong Turkey’.

According to Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, Erdem Ozan also lamented their absence in Ankara and Istanbul on the evening of the coup attempt on July 15 last year as he spoke to the crowd in Soma municipality far from the two cities. “We would have given our blood but this time we are forced to give our vote instead of sacrificing our blood and life,” the deputy leader said.