AKP youth wing protests Netherlands by squeezing oranges

Members of the youth wing of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) protested against the Netherlands by squeezing oranges and drinking the juice in Turkey’s north-western province of Izmit.

The group unfurled banners bearing the writing “Fascist Netherlands” and “Fascist Rutte” in front of a restaurant before a meeting.

Speaking at the protest, AKP Izmit youth wing head Emre Kahraman said the Netherlands “does not even have the value of an orange peel.”

“The Netherlands, which has brought humanity below sea level, like its own land, is a fascist country that has blocked our ministers from meeting our voters. [Dutch police also] dispersed disgracefully the Turkish people who protested against their unethical attitude. The Netherlands, which does not even have the value of an orange peel, has taken a step that it will come to regret,” Kahraman threatened.

Turkish people in Turkey and in the Netherlands have been protesting after the Dutch government’s decision to cancel Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s flight into Rotterdam with Betul Sayan Kaya, the Minister of Family and Social Policies, later being stopped by armed police vehicles near Rotterdam’s Turkish Consulate in the Netherlands.