Alexander McQueen for Puma Shoe Collection

Since the passing of famed designer Alexander McQueen, his head-turning inspirations and designs continue to pervade in his collections, include the Alexander McQueen for Puma holiday 2010 shoe collection. Available now and throughout the ongoing winter season next year, the Alexander McQueen for Puma shoe collection consists of twelve different styles of shoes for both men and women. The collection is based on the theme of “hiking,” and features Alexander McQueen’s distinctive asymmetrical detail as well as dramatic contrasts to signify silhouettes of mountain ranges. Shoes in the Alexander McQueen for Puma collection are also offered in a palette of vivid 1980’s colors with darker colors as the dominating complementary colors.

Prices in the Alexander McQueen for Puma holiday 2010 shoe collection range from $150 to $395. The names of the styles of shoes offered in the Alexander McQueen for Puma collection are Crag Hiker (both men and women’s styles), Descent Hi (men’s styles), Ribcage II (men’s styles), Technical K.O. Mid (men’s styles), Street Climb Mid (men’s styles), Street Climb Lo (men’s styles), Trinomic (men’s styles), Scarred Street Leather (men’s styles), Scarred Street Suede (men’s styles), Elevate Hi (women’s styles), and Entwine (men’s styles). Men’s styles are available in sizes 7-12 including half sizes, while women’s styles are available in sizes 5-10.

The Crag Hiker style is priced at $395 for both men and women’s styles. It is comprised of Italian leather, and features a cleated basketball shoe design with six eyelets for laces. The Crag Hiker style for men comes in black, while in blue and pink for women. The Descent Hi comes in black, blue, and white colors for men only and costs $325 each. It has a style of asymmetrical Italian leather stitched together with jagged detail. The Ribcage II design stays true to its name as it is a men’s only shoe with cage detail on top of multi-colored nylon mesh. It comes in black, blue, and white combinations. The Technical K.O. Mid shoe style for men only is more structured around the ankle and flexible around the foot. It consists of leather and nylon materials, and comes in the color black.

Priced at $250, the Street Climb Mid style offers lace up shoes in four different color combinations, black, blue, silver, and white. It has a calf leather collar, and a tongue with metallic sheen. The Street Climb Lo style for men only is very similar to the Street Climb Mid, less the high collar. Offered with a retail price of $175 each, the Trinomic shoe style is made up of premium leather blend and is a combination of Puma’s signature sole and a McQueen inspired upper. The shoes come in black, blue, and blue combination. The Scarred Street Leather (priced at $150) and the Scarred Street Suede designs for men only feature the classic lace up tennis shoes with a contrast wave pattern on the sides and metallic binding at the front of the shoes. Black color is offered for the Scarred Street Leather, while blue, gray, and brown are offered for the Scarred Street Suede design. For a woman’s styled shoe, the Elevate Hi consists of goat leather trussed together with oversized eyelets, a wedge sole, and an additional ankle wrap. Black and blue are the colors offered. Priced at $180, the Entwine design for men includes shoes with dramatic top cuts and choices of three different colors of shoe laces, black, blue, and pink. Sides stitching on the shoes reveal the different shoe lace colors.

To purchase a pair from the Alexander McQueen for Puma shoe holiday 2010 collection, go to, and look under the header “collections” and then subgroup, “Alexander McQueen.” Be sure to have something to brighten up your winter travels into the new year by owning a pair from this exclusive collection.