Ali Larijani: US afraid of its own shadow

Ali Larijani, Chairperson of Parliament of Iran. AFP PHOTO/Fabrice Coffrini

The chairman of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, has said, “They [the US] are even afraid of their own shadows and they hide their racist temperament with their fake democracy and human rights rhetoric”.

Speaking in parliament about Donald Trump’s executive on the vetting of visa applications of Muslim citizens from seven countries, which includes Iran, Larijani said, “this decision by the USA is an indication of just how stupid their viewpoint and actions are”.

“A country with significant security measures should not take decisions based on fear and stress. The fact that Iran is cited in such a list is a joke. Everyone knows that in the past years Iran has stood against the terrorists. Iran is a secure country, and contrary to the US’s misdirected actions, Iran strives to enhance relations between the peoples within Islamic values”, said the head of the national legislative assembly.

The executive order, signed by Trump at the Pentagon last Friday, caused widespread confusion as airports tried to implement the order.

Many people were refused entry even though they were in possession of the necessary documents to enter the US. Protestors across the country flocked to airports to demonstrate against the order. A judge has ordered a temporary halt to deportations of those stranded at airports after the American Civil Liberties Union had earlier filed a case against the order.