Almost 2000 work related deaths in Turkey in 2016

442 workers lost their lives in the construction sector in Turkey 2016.

Another workplace death occurred in Turkey on Wednesday morning in the Fikirtepe district of Istanbul.

45-year old Ali Girmez lost his life when he fell of scaffolding on the construction site where he was working.

A report published by the Workers’ Health and Work Safety Assembly (ISIG) said 1970 work related deaths had occurred in Turkey in 2016.

The report states that the figures were the highest in Turkey’s history and that work place deaths have increased by 9% during the state of emergency.

ISIG explains the rise with companies’ attempts to reduce costs in a period of trouble-ridden economy.

Most of the deaths occured in construction, followed by agriculture and transportation. 56 of the reported deaths were children, 110 women and 96 migrant workers.

ISIG proposed 4 measures to make 2017 a safer year for workers in Turkey.

  • The right to organise freely in trade unions, as Turkey’s labour law restrictions and employers’ pressure make it hard for workers to do so.
  • Bodies that represent workers are needed since voicing the rights of workers are often dismissed.
  • Subcontractors and peonage must be stopped.
  • Those in charge be held responsible for deaths.