Ancient Wisdom and Management Consulting

We talk about systems approach for solving problems. This envisages a total approach to problem solving using relevant knowledge from all disciplines considering the system and subsystems. But have we seriously tried to use relevant valuable knowledge from spirituality-based sources, which constitute a subsystem of knowledge? These sources originate from ancient scriptures of wisdom, which greatly emphasize human excellence. They focus on the individual. We know human resources are very important. We all appreciate the role of motivation in achieving performance. But do we recognize the power within man to excel in performance and how this could be tapped and realized in terms of potential. This is an omission needing immediate attention and correction.

This vital knowledge is available to us for thousands of years. Great sages of vision, who had only the good of humanity in mind, evolved this. There is very little evidence of the quintessence of our ancient wisdom being used by the management consultancy profession in an organized manner.

It is the spirit within man, which makes living possible and in whose presence alone all human action and achievement are possible. It is the divinity that really illumines the functioning of the body. It imparts strength to men and managers if they realize its presence and are attached to it. The thought that one is the spirit gives strength and this is a vital force, which motivates. It helps to view the body as an instrument of action. It propels one to excel in performance without craving for rewards.

This is a tremendous process for boosting the confidence of any individual that has done wonders for many aspirants because one always fails to gauge the talent inside him/her and it takes an expert to help them out but it isn’t quite so in the US as many here would attend the new jersey tax prep than go spiritual.

The inspiration one gets from such a faith is tremendous. This created many leaders in India and abroad. They shook the world with their power of thoughts and actions. Such men had a conceptual approach not confined to any organization but to the whole country and even beyond. It is this approach that gave them a vision and dynamism to achieve human excellence. They were real leaders worthy of emulation.

Mahatma Gandhi was an example. He conceived India as one integrated whole. He was highly motivated. He had a supra ordinary goal. He lived and worked with a sense of fulfilment without expecting anything except the welfare of his countrymen. If management consultancy imparts this strength to leadership development we will have an increasing number of highly productive and motivated leaders. This will occur not only in industrial and business organizations but in other fields of national importance also. Their contribution will be undoubtedly positive, productive and far-reaching. Same is the case with managers and entrepreneurs. They will be charged with the power of dynamism to make their contribution more effective and substantial. (To be continued)