Another mass grave found in Iraq

According to a press statement quoted by Nineveh (, Iraqi army forces found yet another a mass grave containing the remains of 27 Iraqi Turkmens in northern Mosul.

Colonel Thanon al-Sabawei has reportedly said the mass grave contained the bodies of men, youths and children. ID cards were found on most of the bodies of which many carry traces of torture. The bodies have been transfered to a health center near al-Rashidiyah.

A survey from last year of mass graves in Syria and Iraq then identified 72 sites in which Islamic State buried victims of its atrocities. Associated Press assesed that up to 15,000 victims of genocide and mass slaughter may be buried across the territory where IS have been present.

However, IS are not the only ones guilty of massacres and mass graves in the country. Many mass graves have been discovered since the US-led invasion of Iraq toppled Saddam Hussein, mostly containing remains of Shia Muslims and ethnic Kurds killed for opposing the regime between 1983 and 1991.