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Depression is at the beginning a mild disease which if not treated and nurtured can make you go wild. Depression occurs when particularly an individual feels him or herself incapable of coping in a given environment or situation. Sometimes it is genetic and the person feel depressed even under healthy environment.

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In biological terms depression is caused when the level of neurotransmitters decreases in your central nervous system. The level starts fluctuating primarily due to the deficiency of a chemical called serotonin along with other biological chemical like acetylcholine, noradrenalin, and dopamine. The decrease in the level of these chemicals disallows the nerve to react to the stimulations of the neurotransmitters making you feel depressed.

A person can suffer from many different types of depression such as:

Dysthymic and mono-polar depression:

A person suffering from this type of depression shows signs of pure depression. The mild cases generally affect a person’s lifestyle, work and social activity.

Cyclothymic Disorder and Bipolar disorder (manic-depressive disease):

In bipolar disorder the person suffering from it suffers from different mood swings while sometimes feeling too depressive and lonely or sometimes experiencing elevated mood. Cyclothymic disorder is its name for the mild form.

Depression with signs of physical symptoms:

Some recurring physical disorder can be signs of dominant depression. Physical ailments like constipation, digestive problems, slow stimuli response, urination difficulty, slowness mental activities, and constipation are strong signs of depression and not just a physical ailment.

Maniac Disorder:

This is a period of high optimism which is unreal. The person often experiences highly elevated mood with hyperactive behavior and lack of sleep. This stage is often related to bi polar stage where the depressive face is still waiting to occur.

Next are the causes of depression:

A person can suffer from depression as an independent disease or as a part of another disease. Depending on the type there are many different causes of depression.

Reactive depression:

The main cause behind this depression is over-strain and stress where the nervous system is incapable to work properly.

Depression by physical disease:

This is some time the most common cause of depression. Often person suffering from chronic diseases like heart diseases, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome or hypertension often breaks down and suffers from depression.

Endogenous depression:

The cause for this depression is thought to be genetic.

Postnatal depression:

Many women suffer from depression during pregnancy or after childbirth due to excessive mental and physical exhaustion. These are the general causes and types of depression.