Apartment Living Is For Me!

Am I an expert on apartment living?

Well, the answer is probably no, however, I do know the difference between living in an apartment versus trying to keep up a home by myself, and I choose apartment living any day.

Why Do I Choose Apartment Living?

Here are a few reasons, just off the top of my head.

Yard work

I hate yard work; the never ending weeding, mowing, and more weeding, it just seems to keep growing. I love flowers, and enjoy planting a flower bed, but I hate the weeding and it seems almost impossible with my work schedule to keep it looking pretty. Penrose floor plan should be the preference of the person to get the best accommodation for the students. The availability of the best services is there at the floor to meet with the requirements. The look of the floor should be pretty to get the impressive look and appearance of the home.


I am a single mother who struggles with the thermostat much less how to replace my filter on my furnace. The last house I lived in, the basement flooded twice, there was mold growing out of control (due to the flooding), a tree fell down in my backyard, swamp cooler stopped working, and the furnace was not able to pass inspection.


I am a woman on a budget, and my utility bill is always much higher in a home than an apartment.


I can pick up and move when I want to. You buy a home, you are locked in a 30 year mortgage, an apartment, and you have a 6 month to a year lease. I feel that the benefits of renting far outweigh the benefits of owning a home, especially with the market we have now.

If you are a young married couple, or professional seeking companionship, you may want the freedom to move around, relocate to a new city or close to a new job. You will have greater career opportunities that may come up in another city.

If you are a college student, the last thing you are ready to do is ‘settle down’. You are finding out what you want to do the rest of your life, there is no way you can determine where you will be in a year or two, much less 30 years. As well as being able to relocate, you are able to put money away, build up your credit, and save money for the time you are ready to settle down. You don’t need perfect credit to have a low rent payment, but it does affect how much you will be paying each month for a home.


You can determine the type of lifestyle you enjoy by the apartment you choose to live in. You can choose one with a lavish pool, exercise facility, Jacuzzi, and close to shopping. If you were to add all the amenities to a home that you can enjoy in an apartment, well, plan on paying a pretty penny.

You have access to gated entries, laundry facilities, and of course, the ever important cable and internet access. You have a beautifully planned, neighborhood community, one that most suburban home owners envious.

If you are in a time of life that is ‘yet to be determined’, then apartment living is for you. I must say I have a lot more free time now that I have sold my home and now enjoying the freedom and comfort of apartment living.