All artistic activities restricted in Iranian Kurdistan: Kurdish artists

Kurdish artists Qadir Gagli (left) and Eyubi Heqbir speaking to Roj News Agency

Speaking to Roj News Agency, artists in the Kurdish regions of Iran have voiced their concerns about restrictions on art production by Kurdish artists.

“Unfortunately, Kurdish artists get no support for their work. There are restrictions on all activities in Eastern Kurdistan,” Kurdish artist Qadir Gagli, referring to Iran’s Kurdish regions, said, adding, “Artists continue to work within these limitations.”

Kurdish poet Eyubi Heqbir complained of the restricted framework artists were forced to working within, saying, “although Kurdish poets and writers are working hard to resurrect classical writing, certain restrictions are capping our progress.”

The poet also stated, “a characteristic of art is that it is not afraid of anything. This is why artistic activities cannot be hindered anywhere. Artists should not serve any specific ideology. If artists conduct their work to serve a specific ideology, it will lose its authenticity”.