Asya Abdullah: We will not recognise a Syrian constitution drafted without Kurds

Asya Abdullah, Co-leader of Democratic Union Party

The ‘Kurdish National Conference’ organised by the International Union of Kurdish Social Organisations has started in Moscow today. Participants from all parts of Kurdistan have gathered to discuss Kurdish unity and policy.

The conference, which coincided with the 18th anniversary of the capture of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, began with a joint condemnation of those involved in Ocalan’s capture.

According to Firat News Agency (ANF), In her speech to the conference the Co-chair of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party gave her views on regional developments and the conflict in Syria:

“It is not possible to talk of a solution in Syria while there are contradictions between international and regional powers. Turkey does not want the Kurds to attain rights in Syria. To this end, Turkey even supported groups like the Islamic State who are the enemies of humanity. The Kurds must be invited to the fourth Geneva meetings. A meeting and constitution conducted without the Kurds does not interest the Kurds. The new Syrian constitution must reflect the will of society. The equality between men and women must be reflected. All sections of society must find themselves in the constitution. Only then can we talk of justice and democracy.”

The Kurdish politician said that Russia’s draft Syria constitution was a positive step in that it envisaged autonomy for the Kurds, “but our problem is not just autonomy. We are working hard for an administration in which we can all run ourselves in a free way,” Abdullah added.

Abdullah went onto say that, “Turkey is a threat to us. Turkey is bombing us with their planes in front of the eyes of the whole world. Before it was Syrian planes, now it is Turkish planes. Why are the international forces silent?”

“We are ready for dialog in order to solve the Syrian conflict in a democratic way. We have proposals to this end. The North Syria Federation is a part of Syria. The Syrian regime needs to accept this. Any decision taken in a meeting we have not been invited to we will not recognise in the slightest. The Syrian regime thinks it can govern Syria in the same way it did before. Those days are in the past for Syria; that simply is not possible anymore,” Abdullah concluded.