Battle for the Throne: League of Legends 

The world of esports has seen many thrilling battles for supremacy, but none quite like that of the ongoing epic struggle between two titans of the game – League of Legends (LOL) and Dota 2. Both games have their passionate supporters, and it’s no secret that there is an intense rivalry between them. But in recent years, LOL has emerged as the undisputed king of competitive gaming.

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What makes LOL so Popular?

One thing that sets LOL apart from its competitors is its emphasis on team play. Unlike some other games where individual skill is paramount, success in LOL requires good communication and coordination between team members. This makes it easier for new players to join existing groups or create their teams without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by more experienced opponents. 

Another factor is how accessible the game is compared to others in the genre. The free-to-play model means that anyone can jump into a match without having to spend any money upfront. And with a vibrant online community centred around forums and fansites, it has never been easier to find teammates or get advice on strategy. 

Champion Diversity & Game Modes 

League of Legends also boasts a wide variety of playable characters known as “Champions”. Each Champion has its unique strengths and weaknesses, opening up a world of strategic possibilities for creative players who know how to use them in battle. What’s more, depending on which mode you’re playing (e.g. 5v5 Ranked Matches or 3v3 ARAM), there are different rules and objectives, all of which work together to create exciting matches every time you log in. 

eSports Tournament Scene 

Every year, the professional League of Legends scene reaches dizzying heights with tournaments offering millions of dollars in prizes. In addition to Riot Games’ official tournaments such as the Worlds, Masters Tour and Mid Season Invitational, third-party organisations such as ESL Gaming host several events throughout the year, giving talented players the chance to showcase their skills against seasoned pros. While only one team may ultimately emerge victorious from each event, all participants benefit from increased exposure and potential sponsorship opportunities that help grow the eSports industry as a whole.  

LOL’s Future Outlook 

Despite being over 10 years old, League of Legends remains popular with casual and professional gamers alike, thanks to regularly updated content such as new champions, game modes and cosmetics. It looks like this trend won’t be slowing down any time soon, as developer Riot Games continues to invest heavily in expanding the spectator experience so that fans all over the world have the chance to witness the next big showdown first-hand.  


 As we can see, League of Legends reigns supreme in the current Esports climate, and while other titles are slowly catching up in terms of popularity and viewership, it’s clear that LoL will remain the top dog for the foreseeable future, thanks to its unbeatable combination of compelling gameplay mechanics and strong backing from developers who are constantly striving to ensure their product remains ahead of the curve.