Best exercise to lose weight

For each of them has its own recipe

Got his breeches on his hips? Jeans did not fastened? Heavy “fifth point” poisoning exist? Do not be discouraged! “Problem areas” are not hopeless! The main thing – to know. Any way for them to take.

Where are the “breeches”? The answer is simple. Fat molecules are like sand in the bloodstream. Where is “over” fast, there is the bottom of the blood stream is clean. Well, there. Where blood stagnates, the fat molecules to precipitate. So much fat! All you do move your legs back and forth. Blood circulates briskly in the same direction. Because the front of the leg above the knee that, no fat at all. Here he was by no means to keep! But “sides” of your hips – is a quiet pool. Blood stagnates, and fat molecules are deposited in the manner of mud. Do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s the solution. That’s right! It is necessary to send blood to these “breeches” and thoroughly wash cloth layers of fat! Traditional exercises for the legs do not work. Again, this movement back and forth. What then? And that’s it!

Leads feet away: Stand straight and grasp with one hand for support. Now allot of opposite leg to the side just 10 times! 50! 100! High lift up the leg is not necessary. Raise as given. After all, your hips are not accustomed to working in this plane and will resist. Well, let them! Over time, joints are to “develop”, and you’ll be knee ear! By the way, thanks to this movement, popular in the ballet dancers in “breeches” does not exist. Never!

Plie squats: Place your feet wider than shoulder width, toes in ballet, expand outward. This is the starting position. Slowly squat down – to the hips parallel with the floor or even slightly below. Slowly straighten up. To improve exercise, put a stick in front of a gymnastic – butt on the floor. Hold hands on the top end. Due to the stick will be easier to keep your back perfectly straight. And this is an important condition for success.

Side lunges: Pick up a dumbbell and do in “atypical” lunges sideways. First, all attacks on one foot then the other. Going down into the squat below! If it turns out really very clumsy start with a diagonal attacks – at a 45 degree angle to the side. As a master, go to the side.

Lateral jumps: on the floor, draw a line (or mark it with a rope), fall into a low squat and then jump from their seats just to the side. If at home, just jump in tennis shoes! Not in my socks and slippers in! Make 30-40 jumping in one direction, then another. As for the aerobics, you will need a special – kick aerobics, tai-bo, and more. And indeed you would be helpful to do martial arts. Bruce Lee, like a ballerina, did not know the problems of “breeches”.

Talk about the fact that “here I am, supposedly trained hard news, as” cubes “as there is no” – a lie! So. Little train! World experience of fitness states receive as much as knocking yourself out! If you really want a flat stomach, get ready for the murderous work! First, remember that working at home. The fitness club do you go two or three times a week, and the press is not enough. The press are the daily workload! But this is only possible at home. But! Never train in the morning news! Bundles of spine softened overnight, and can be an unfortunate injury. The best time – in the evening, an hour and a half after dinner. The second – without the training goals can not do! We’ll have to buy.

And more. Immediately after sleep wake up in the mirror and do the “system evacuation.” Place hands on hips, as if about to go in and pull your belly prisyadku. Heavily-badly! Release. Make it 50-100 times. Then go to the delays: drew up an account and keep the “ten”! Do this exercise throughout the day. Should dial 600 “system evacuation!”

Practice aerobics in the fitness club. Best spinning twice a week. The third class – the usual dance aerobics. If without a club, then 3-4 times a week, run or jump rope. That and another for an hour.

When you are into aerobics, make sure to follow the fitness instructions carefully so that it would make it easy for you to get on with the practice each day as both hands and feet would get used to the exercise and soon there would be no need to have an aerobics instructor, which is a good thing as you can practice yoga and weight training each day without any problems as one needs to simply scam through the website

Want to reduce the “fifth point”? The recipe you already know!

Gluteal muscles are active even during normal walking. Because the wild tribes living without public transport layers of fat on the buttocks do not happen. But many of us to walk? You already know that stopping the active circulation of blood turns into fat deposits. And vice versa. Quicken circulation and blood flow “wash” the fat from anywhere. How to revive the blood flow in the buttocks? Here’s the answer:

  • Perform squats with a broad statement of the feet, toes separated to the side
  • Squat to the floor. About squats to parallel forget. Go down as low as possible!
  • In the initial position of any exercise to their feet and buttocks strain static “hold” until the end of the set
  • Be sure to make a diversion legs back – without the weight and on the lower block

As a warm-up practice-step simulator. Choose from aerobics, step option. Actually, better than any aerobics sprint vybeganiya. Range 60-100m. Put spikes and make a sprint jump. Rest 2-3 minutes and then start. For an hour, you should gain up to 20 vybegany.

The effect of quick “lift” the hands give the so-called supersets. The so-called exercise in pairs at a time. If someone does not know what flex muscle bicep arm, and triceps unbend. Here you have to first do an exercise for the biceps, and then, without a seconds rest, exercise the triceps. Here is an example of a specific set:

  • Barbell curls standing – French bench press (3 superset of 10-15 repetitions of each exercise)
  • Curl on the lower block – Bench top to bottom on the block (3 reps superset of 10-15 of each exercise)
  • But the scheme of training: 1 week – 2 workout Week 2 – 3 training, Week 3 – 4 exercises, 4 Week – 5 exercises, 5 weeks – 6 workouts.

You – you are what you eat

If you do not wake to watch their diet, the fat in problem areas will be more than any trains. The secret is that for the formation of fat in the body meets the hormone insulin. And he stands out every time you eat fatty and sweet. Moreover, the more you eat, the more insulin. Well, the more insulin, the more fat. Output is: minimum of fat and sugar! Any meal, even healthy, to one degree or another provokes the secretion of insulin. Hence the conclusion: eat less. Allocated less insulin. Divide the diet for 5-6 small portions and eat every 2.5-3 hours. This technique supplies in addition inhibits the secretion of insulin.

Burn more than to receive

Sedentary woman needs at least three aerobic sessions per week for 40-60 minutes each. The optimum pulse rate – 65-75% of maximum. It is equally useless to train with a pulse less and more of this indicator. In order not to wonder whether you exercise, buy a heart rate monitor. Determine the maximum heart rate and heart rate necessary to you by the following formula: maximum heart rate = 220 – your age in years. Target heart rate = 0.65-0.75 of the maximum heart rate.

One last tip: Be patient. Soon, only cats are born. Medium term alteration of problem areas – 2.5-3 years. But then you can be proud of and character, and figure!