Best Way To Build Muscle

How do you get huge? The most important part of the equation is to eat massive amounts of food. It’s hard to believe but under all that fat sumo wrestlers have more muscle than just about every other athlete. That’s correct, I couldn’t believe it when I first found out about it. So it makes absolute sense then that to pack on large amounts of muscle you’re going to have to eat a whole lot. You have to consume more calories than you burn for you to turn food into larger muscles. Take your suggested daily total of cals and add 500 to it. The best way to figure this out is to multiply your current body weight by eighteen and ensure that your body never has low testosterone. If you weigh 170 pounds you must put down three thousand sixty calories. For a great muscle-building diet plan go take a look at our 4 part guide at diet to gain weight.

To get to your goal of getting massive you also have to eat six meals each day. It can be rough in the beginning but after about a week or so it’s pretty easy. Putting away six smaller meals is A WHOLE LOT easier than trying to choke down three or four big meals. Just an example to get to your caloric intake for the day you would need to eat eleven egg whites, three bowls of oatmeal, and a cup of walnuts all at once. Spread it out between 6 meals and save yourself the trouble.

The next important reason to put down six meals each and every day is that it maximizes your metabolism which keeps your fat gains to a lower. It is unfortunate but when bulking up you’re going to gain some fat. It’s just a fact that you’re going to gain some fat on your journey. To lessen the effect you must lay off the junk food and do cardio three times a week. Now after this first phase you can get ripped in a very short amount of time, about four to six weeks. Fortunately, it’s much quicker to lose new fat.

You have to also get into the gym and lift weights. Here is some more info on how to build muscle mass. I’ve tried a few different approaches. The first method I attempted was low weights with high reps. I did not see much gains on this plan. Beginners will see some mass gains just by getting in the gym but not nearly as much as is possible. You can also do a superset while you go from low weight to a heavier weight. A superset is this. Let’s say that you’re doing tricep extensions, you’re going to start with a low weight like 20 pounds, and you’re going to do 12 reps. Next, you’re going to go up to 25-pound weights and do 10 reps, and then thirty for eight, next 35 for 6. Right after you’re the last set you would lower the amount of weight to 20 pounds and do 12 more reps. . . I had OK success doing it this way.

By far the fastest way is to put up heavyweights. There is a lot of different schools on this topic and it can be hard to figure out what the best way to go is. You can go check out this Anthony Ellis Review to get the facts. The most effective way to do it is to do four warm-up sets with a two and a half minute rest, then lift as heavy as you can for 2 sets. That’s about all. Now go out to the gym and do it.