Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss – Know About The Exercises 

Do you imagine a “sweat free” workout that could help you lose weight? Getting fit and slim requires great motivation and discipline especially if you are suffering from either being overweight or severe obesity. An effective fitness regime is inevitably required along with other programs such as dieting and taking the best weight loss products.

Through the usmagazine, you will get help on the reduction of excessive fat and weight. There is importance to the exercise with the best burners. You need to know about the programs for the getting of the best and healthy body. The loss in the weight is according to the needs. 

Exercising is a strenuous task in which many are too bored to apply. Either they don’t have time exercising or people are just plain lazy to workout. If you are one of these people who thinks that exercise sucks, then I have good news for you.

A different form of exercise is noticeably getting more popular in America- breathing exercises. This exercise regime is simple yet effective in refreshing the mind, body and spirit, which interestingly have significant effect in weight. With its popularity, breathing exercises were later called Oxycise, a term in reference to both “oxygen” and breathing”. To give you more reasons to lose weight through oxycise, let me give you an in-depth details about this new fitness program.

Relationship between Breathing and Weight Loss

Jill Johnson, the creator of Oxycise, defines her workout program as a simple yet powerful diaphragmatic breathing technique, combined with flexing and full muscle contractions to reach cell oxygenation increase throughout the whole body.

This process promotes over 25 health benefits which includes increased energy, burns calories and fat, increase metabolism, develops and tone muscles, improves endurance and strength, flexibility, reduces stress, blood circulation, balance and many others.

Jill believes that proper and deep breathing routines guarantees weight loss. This is one truly intriguing fitness technique that would probably be ignored by most people who believes otherwise. However, Jill based her theory from research, traditional and existing physiological facts where other forms of wellness activities derived from such as aerobics, yoga and meditation techniques.

Increasing breathing through exercise raises oxygen intake which has significant effects on the brain. This causes to an improved blood circulation which produces more energy and increases waste disposal. Jill believes that with Oxycise, similar process is being undertaken to produce effective weight loss results.

More studies about different kinds of breathing techniques are linked with various health benefits. Yogic (yoga) breathing for example has reportedly beneficial to people suffering from depression, stress, obesity, anxiety and eating disorders. Not only that, people who practice yogic breathing for at least an hour a day shows increased awareness and memory levels.

Although there are no specific definitive study between a breathing program and weight loss, there are documented positive reports about its effects on various weight issues. Jill further explains that fat molecules are broken down into carbon dioxide and water which is due to an increase in oxygen that you breathe. The blood then binds with the carbon dioxide which goes directly to the lungs for exhalation. The result? The more oxygen you breathe in, the more fat you lose.

This is the reason why you lose more weight when you workout and Oxycise promotes a whole new exercise routine for you to lose those extra bulges. Jill says that Oxycise can be done anywhere, anytime such as in the office, standing, seating or even watching your favorite television shows. With the proper breathing technique, you can lose weight more than your regular morning run.

What is the Proper Breathing Technique to Achieve Weight Loss?

To get more oxygen from a breathing exercise, you need to learn how to practice the proper technique. Let’s go back to regular exercise as an example. As you do strenuous workout, your body requires a high supply of oxygen, which forces you to breathe heavily, faster and deeper. The more you breathe, the more oxygen will go into your bloodstream and more fats will be disposed.

This seems to be an easy job for any weight loss aspirants, but this is not always the case as most of us are not always in the mood for exercise. Furthermore, pounding your body with lots of oxygen thru man-made machines will not going to solve the problem either. A study about breathing suggests that sub-grade oxygen which are being produced by machines are far less beneficial compared to fresh oxygen coming from nature.

Jill says that most people only uses one-fifth of their lung capacities, requiring just enough oxygen to survive, not to help your body to lose weight. This is by only breathing from the upper and middles lobes of the lung. If you can help yourself to use the full capacity of your lungs, then you can get more oxygen into your body.

How to achieve proper breathing using the full capacity of your lungs? Through deep breathing! This technique is being practiced by Tai Chi, meditation, yoga and many other conventional fitness activities. Deep breathing is one of the biggest secrets to wellness which is the reason why so many workout routines today requires a breathing regime before, during and after sessions.

What Critics are Saying about Breathing Exercises and Weight Loss?

Oxycise is just one brand of breathing program that you can use for your weight loss program. However, like any weight loss products or dieting programs, not all are pleased with the evidence. Many are doubtful about the idea that “breathing” alone can make you slim. Both medical and fitness professionals still believes that traditional light to intense workouts are still the best way to burn fat and boost metabolism.

They added that breathing for 15 or even 20 minutes a day (which Oxycise requires) won’t be able to burn significant number of calories to produce noticeable weight loss results. They even added that over application of “deep” breathing exercises could be harmful to health. Additionally, taking more oxygen thru breathing won’t convert fat into fuel, which is an important aspect of losing weight.

Conclusion on Breathing Exercise and Weight Loss

Since we are always in the hunt for new information with regards to fitness, breathing programs such as Oxycise is worth the shot. There are no fitness spending required nor any strenuous and intense sweating exercises. It is the most practical way of losing weight in my own opinion. Also, the side effects being brought about its critics are not that serious to be considered as a health threat. Of course you still need to consult your physician first before you do any breathing regime.