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US travel ban II

How ‘fake news’ works

US travel ban

Turkey coup attempt: the aftermath

Infographic - facts and figures on the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in Turkey last July.
infographic turkey

Turkey’s new draft constitution

Infographic - Turkey's parliament has approved a controversial new draft constitution which will greatly expand the powers of the President. The draft is expected...


Turkish Air Force major had warned authorities of unfolding coup on 15 July

A Turkish Air Force major who met with Turkey's National Intelligence Agency (MIT) officials around 14:20 on 15 July 2016 had warned that a...

Turkish President Erdogan’s secret offshore deal exposed

A new investigation into the Erdogan family business using papers from the #MaltaFiles collection, analysed by the European Investigative Collaboration Network (EIC) shows that...

Declarations, big business and the empty hunt for jihadists

By Alberto NegriThere are many things that don't make sense in the hunt for jihadists and foreign fighters, and that should make us stop...

Diggers demolish ancient district in Diyarbakir

Diggers accompanied by police that arrived in Diyarbakir's historical Sur district on Tuesday morning and began demolishing buildings in Alipasa and Lalebey neighbourhoods were...

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