Cheetos Chips- Drug Twist

This might be shocking for most readers upon reading the title because Chester Cheetos is a name that many 80s and 90s gen kids, who are now fully grown adults, would have heard of given the popularity of the brand in question.

There is something that needs to be understood regarding Cheetos brand of chips is that the author is not insinuating anything of his own beliefs to its readers but just that certain points about the brand that most of you would be ignorant about needs to be highlighted.

What if you were told that the chips that you have been savoring since childhood had drug content in it? Naturally, most of you would either be shocked or simply ignore it as a conspiracy theory by so called experts and naysayers but today we shall discuss about this important topic in detail.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

How many of you are familiar with the term Tetrahydcrocannabinol (THC)? People that have even basic knowledge about Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and products would have heard about it because it is the main chemical compound found in almost all CBD content in existence.

Delta 8 THC is an even rarer compound that is mainly termed as psychoactive Cannabinoid that is extracted from cannabis plants and later lab tested a couple of times so that it can get the green signal deeming it fit for human use otherwise it can have unforeseen side effects.

THC is a strong chemical compound and delta 8 even more so at a much higher level although the psychological effects undergone by the consumer for both remain similar but the problem with delta 8 is quite dangerous.

Delta 8 disposable THC causes many setbacks to the body like increasing heart rate, breathlessness, weakness, rigid muscles, kidney dysfunction, liver inflammation, swelling of various body parts, etc. to name a few.

So when a recent report came out regarding Delta 8 THC found in Cheetos crackers, it came as a rude shock for the people that purchased where two folks bought three packets and while walking out they opened up to eat but two of them turned out to be fake.

It is quite astonishing since all the products have QR codes engraved especially all the Delta 8 products that were lined up in the Californian city of Oxnard where you can find some of the choicest content products available.

Last Points

The main point is the origin of these products because it needs to be ascertained as to where they come from and how are the consumers so naïve as to buy any product that comes under their nose because apart from heavy metals like lead content, Delta 8 only makes it a lethal mixture.

Vitamin E oil too is a deadly content that is added to cheetos that people have to be alert about while buying such products, which is why the federal government has to take some drastic steps regarding this matter so that people’s lives are not at risk and the culprits have to be punished severely.