Conflicting reports on Turkish casualties in al-Bab: was it SAA or IS?

Aftermath of strike on Turkish-FSA positions in al-Bab

Five Turkish soldiers have been killed in clashes with the Islamic State (IS) group in northern Syria’s al-Bab on Thursday, taking the number of casualties to 10 since yesterday, Turkish sources have confirmed.

However local sources told Kom News that Syrian army strikes on Turkish and Turkey-backed FSA positions in the early hours of the morning had killed the 5 soldiers, and not clashes with the Islamic State.

Two separate sources also reported the incident with one saying the strikes had been carried out aerially and another with rocket launchers.

Photos shared by a pro-FSA account on social media also reported the attack and said it had been carried out aerially by Syrian warplanes. Accounts allegedly belonging to Turkish security forces also supported the claim.

The bodies of the killed soldiers have been taken to Kilis State Hospital in Turkey, across the Syria border, Turkish media reported.