Cooking Crash Course: Ways to Cook Meat

Sometimes, we all get so used to cooking a certain way that we forget that there are many other potential ways to prepare a delicious cut of meat. By knowing the basics, cooking can be easier and much more rewarding. By altering your cooking method, you can completely change the entire character of your meal. So check out this quick guide and then get to cooking. Each time you cook, you can try a method until you find your favorite method.


Cooking in a lidded pot with a small amount of liquid. This can be done on stove top or in the oven. This method is good for making tougher parts of meat tender and moist. Ex. Pot roast, Curries, Cacciatore.


Submerging meat in a flavorful liquid while cooking slowly. Similar to braising except this method has a bit more liquid involved which will be a part of the finished dish. Ex. Beef stew, Chili, Gumbo


Meat is soaked in salt water before cooking to enhance flavor, tenderness and moisture. It is very similar to marinating. Ex. Brined Turkey, Pork, or Chicken.


Simmering liquid to a point that is less than boiling. There is just a small movement in the liquid. Ex. Poached chicken breasts


This is a dry cooking method that involves direct heat from above as opposed to below (grilling). This is good for boneless chicken, tender pork chops and steaks, kabobs.


A good cooking method for larger sections of meat such as roasts and whole poultry. Roasting involves dry cooking resulting in juicy, tender inside and a browned, flavorful outside.

Deep Fry:

Submerging coated pieces of meat in very hot oil. Ex. Fried chicken


Saute is a quick stove-top method that involves cooking in a light coat of oil. Frying pan or sauté pans with low sides are great for this method. Good for chicken breast, tender cuts or chops, boneless cutlets.


To grill is to cook over direct heat that is commonly done outside. Grilling can be done fast or slowly depending on the amount of heat. It can also be done indoors with an electric grilling pan which does not need much oil. Indoor grilling will have less of the smoky charred flavor. Ex. Barbequed chicken, grilled steaks.

Pan-Fry or Pan-Roast:

In this method, you begin cooking on the stove, then transfer it in the oven or under the broiler. This allows you to control doneness within the meat while incorporating a flavorful browned exterior. In addition, you should use the best non stick pans when cooking. Using the best tools or utensils in cooking will help you become even more successful in it. Hence, you should invest in quality equipment so you can have an amazing cooking experience. 


Meat is exposed to smoldering wood, tea or herbs prior to cooking. Tea-smoked chicken, Smoked Pork chops

Stir Fry:

This technique originates in Asia, which includes cooking small pieces of food constantly over a high amount of heat. This is usually done with oil.