Creating a More Meaningful Gift

We have all heard the slogan, “Diamonds are forever,” but are there other gifts such as gift baskets Canada, that will be great for all time as well? Of course, but how do you find that perfect gift? What makes it timeless?

First, think about the person you are giving the gift to and who they really are. Chances are, if you are planning on giving someone a gift that will create a memory to last forever, you have known them for a while and know them quite well. Think about things in their life now that have special meaning and try to figure out exactly why those things have such sentimental meaning. Usually, it will be because of what the item symbolizes more than the item itself. Maybe it helps to remind them of a loved one that is no longer around or of an important event. Look for a gift that will become a symbol of something and not just a meaningless knickknack collecting dust.

Gifts with history also tend to make a deeper impression on the recipient. If the gift has a story before you give it to someone, you are not only giving them a gift that will last, you are adding them to the story associated with that item. They are becoming part of their history. Whether the story is significant to the world or to just you and the recipient, the whimsy of continuing the story will make it mean that much more.

Another way to make a gift last forever is in how you give it. Make the act of giving the gift part of the gift. Be creative and create an entire story to go along with why you are giving the gift to the person who is getting it. Build up to the moment that you give them the gift and it will leave a much stronger impression than if you just hand them the gift and say, “Here you go.” Plan it as an event.

Besides making the gift meaningful, make it something useful in some way. That is not necessarily to mean utilitarian, though. A fine piece of jewelry is really meaningless if it can not or will not be worn. A painting is, in a way, worthless if you keep it hidden in the back of a closet where it cannot be appreciated. Every time that special gift is seen, it will remind the recipient of you. The more often it is seen, the more they will think of you.

When looking for a timeless gift, it really does not matter what the object is really. It more about the meaning behind it that will make it last forever. Give a gift that will make the recipient remember you forever.