Designer T-Shirts- Create Your Own Business for a Flourishing Career

What is the best profession in the world? Well, there is no clear cut answer to that question as it is all a matter of preference, which in turn is based upon interest so let us leave the terms like ‘best’ or ‘greatest’ for the experts to argue about that they do with great interest.

There is no job or profession that is above or below as they all have their own merit and relevance while it is the twisted and warped mindset of certain individuals that so called lower level jobs are seen with contempt and people involved in it are subjected to shame and ridicule.

However, this article isn’t about berating either side but to talk about an important business that might belong to this category but in fact is something that deserves an entire work solely dedicated to it so let’s get into the topic without further ado so that it would help out all the budding designers out there.

Basics for Beginners

There are two popular options to earn money and they are either through business or taking up a job and both seem to be out of the question in current times due to cut throat competition as well as blatant nepotism politics based on favoritism.

You need financial backing for the former and a graduation degree/certificate for the latter but still, business continues to be more preferred as youngsters have lost both hope and interest in boring and monotonous jobs where they have to dance to the tunes of their boss with a meager income in the name of salary.

T-shirts are quite popular among the young folks as it can be seen that they wear various designs to go with the times that make them look modern and upgraded while full shirts have kind of become old school that are worn by nerds and geeks that are way too serious and boring in nature.

But what if you get to know that T-shirts can be used to start up your own business? Yes, many people would be astonished to here this and laugh it off as a joke but in fact it is indeed a lucrative offer that has a bright prospect in the near future that has been proven by people who did take the initiative.

Although there are a lot of challenges and struggles in the beginning, you do get to understand the basics of what all are required to turn this opportunity into a big offer which we shall see right now.

Set Formula

Fashion designing is an excellent career choice that has become quite popular which can be used for starting up a t-shirt business as it also involves designs of different hues.

Some important points to star up a t-shirt business are as follows:

    1. The first step is to create your own concept without copying from anyone because it has become a bad practice whereas one should only get inspired from the designs of their idols which has sadly given way to blatant plagiarism
    2. Always keep a tab on what you rivals are doing because it has been seen many times that two different companies launch their design around the same time and there are stunning similarities that result in plagiarism accusations from both sides so keep the market study in mind before launching
  • There is an excellent app store online called Shopify where you can sell your brand designs at a good price so that can provide exposure to your work and this platform can be used to promote and advertise your product and is a common practice in corporate t-shirt printing
  • There should be no compromise on the quality of design especially if you’re new to this field otherwise it would not be noticed by anyone and there won’t be any distributor who’d want to invest into your business
  • Take up the old school practice of screen printing as they are quite durable and last for a long time without any damage to the t-shirts thereby providing a cost effective way of preserving it for future projects where you can mention any price of your choice while selling it to anyone