Dutch cow in Netherlands-Turkey dispute spared ‘execution’ after outcry

A Dutch cow that almost found itself on the wrong end of a butcher’s knife after its owner Huseyin Avni Sipahi vowed to slaughter the innocent animal in protest to the Netherlands has been spared.

An independent councillor and Deputy Mayor of Besiktas district, Sipahi had said that in protest to the actions of the Netherlands he was going to slaughter one of the Dutch cows in his farm, despite the fact that “it is giving abundant and pleasant milk.”

Once news of the protest broke out, people took to social media to condemn the politician’s announcement and plead for the cow’s life to be spared.

“After countless messages form the people and a message from my mayor, I have decided not to slaughter my Dutch cow; I will not send it back to Holland, the cow will live in my farm and continue to give milk,” Sipahi said in a written statement released today.

Turkish people have been protesting since Turkish ministers were barred from entering the Netherlands, kicking off a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

Members of the youth wing of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) had protested against the Netherlands by squeezing oranges and drinking the juice in Turkey’s north-western province of Izmit.

A group of protesters in the northern Turkish city of Samsun mistakenly burnt the French flag in a protest against the Netherlands.

The fate of the Dutch cow was in the balance after Sipahi’s initial announcement. It seems people power has saved the innocent animal’s life on this occasion.