Enjoying Your Next Airline Flight

Everyone has horror stories about their past airline flights. Especially with the recent changes and regulations, airline travel has become more difficult. If, however, you can make a mental note of the following suggestions, your next flight might actually be a pleasing experience.

What To Wear

Many people don’t give much thought to what to wear on a flight. Make sure that you dress comfortably so as to be more comfortable during the flight regardless of the length of the trip. Airline seats are not all that big to begin with, so don’t waste time and energy squirming to adjust uncomfortable clothing. Not many people know this but swelling can occur during a flight due to pressurization and the altitude. So, by wearing comfortable loose fitting clothing, you are saving yourself some agony. And finally, keep in mind where you are heading. Don’t wear mini skirt if it’s cold. Bring a winter coat.

It would also be good to take along a pair of house slippers to wear on the plane. Getting your shoes off and wearing slippers will just enhance your comfort.

Entertain Yourself

The time will pass faster and you will enjoy the flight much more if you bring along something to do. A portable CD player or a laptop computer can be great ways to pass the time on a long flight. Listen to some of your favorite music or watch a DVD. This will also serve to relax you a bit more than just sitting and watching the clouds go by. Remember to take your headphones so as not to annoy your fellow passengers. Make sure that you know what type of plane you will be flying in so that your cables will match up with any necessary accessory ports on the plane necessary for power.

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Opportunity for Exercise

Try and secure a seat by the exit row or the bulkhead. These areas tend to have a little more leg room thus increasing your comfort level. If it is not possible to get these seats, then make sure that you “exercise” every now and then during the flight. Flex your knees and arms and try and stand up once in awhile and walk up and down the aisle. An aisle seat, if possible, would be a huge benefit in aiding these activities.

Reading Material

If you prefer to pass the time reading then bring a good book or some magazines that interest you. Granted, the airline magazines will put you to sleep real quickly. Or, perhaps you are a games player and may enjoy some crossword puzzles or a book of Sudoku.

Food and Meals

Airline food has never been known as being excellent cuisine. If it is a long flight a meal will probably be served. Air travel sometimes tends to dehydrate you so check to see if you can have a low sodium meal on the flight. As far as snacks are concerned – bring your own. Some airlines have eliminated them completely, so bring your own and while you at it you may want to include a bottle of water. Not surprisingly, the air line will more than likely charge you for their own water.

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep

Some people feel that it is good to be well rested before a flight. Granted, it will aid in your comfort level and make the flight less stressful. If, however, you are flying at night, less sleep before the flight may be better in that you will be more apt to sleep during the flight.

Jet lag and the general fatigue from air travel is a hassle. By remembering these simple suggestions, perhaps your next flight will be more enjoyable.