Erdogan turning Turkey into next Syria, says PYD representative

Zuhat Kobani, PYD Representative in Europe

Zuhat Kobani, Kurdish PYD’s representative in Europe, has said Turkish President Erdogan will turn Turkey into the next Syria in an interview with Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

“After failing to implement its regional policies through groups like Daesh [the Arabic acronym for Islamic State] and al-Nusra, Turkey is investing in different groups,” Kobani told ANHA.

“Turkey’s internal situation is not too good. The government is burning Kurdish villages and massacring Kurds. These will not go unanswered, the spring is coming and military action against Turkey is being prepared [by the PKK]. Turkey is trying hard to look strong, but it has nothing. In order to interrupt our projects [in northern Syria] it sold Aleppo, it will sell al-Bab and Jarablus too and this policy of the AKP will ensure Turkey becomes the next Syria in the region.”

Kobani also said that after the Kurds pushed back the Islamic State in the north of Syria, Turkey came up with alternative plans to have some sort of influence in the region and to disrupt the Kurdish democratic project.

“Turkey is an occupying force. There is no demand by locals for Turkey to get involved. The political atmosphere is unsuitable for Turkish involvement and many states find Erdogan’s policies and presence disturbing. All their efforts are doomed to failure,” The PYD representative concluded.