‘Europe on crusade against Islam’: Turkish newspapers beat same drum

A selection of Turkish newspapers on the day after President Erdogan's speech.

Pro-government media in Turkey was quick to pick up on President Erdogan’s accusation claiming that the European Union has “started a crusade against Islam”.

“They have started a crusade against the crescent” was the headline used by several pro-government newspapers today such as Yeni Safak, Akit, Gunes, Aksam and Turkiye.

The headlines referred to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s reaction to a top EU court decision allowing European companies to ban employees from wearing religious or political symbols including the headscarf.

Meanwhile the daily Gunes went as far as to portray German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Nazi uniform, calling her an “ugly auntie” and “female Hitler” while accusing the EU of “worrying about Turkey’s rise to prominence.”

“The European Union’s court, The European Court of Justice, my esteemed brothers, have started a crusade against the (Islam) crescent,” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a televised speech on Thursday. “Shame on your European Union legal acquis!” the president said, referring to EU law; “Shame on your values! Shame on your law and justice!”

The European Court of Justice’s ruling came a month after the Turkish government’s decision to lift the ban on female officers wearing the headscarf in the country’s armed forces, the last institution in Turkey where the headscarf was still forbidden.