‘Expert’ Syria meeting in Tehran, Russia and Turkey participate

The participants of an expert meeting on Syria held in Tehran discussed ways to consolidate a ceasefire as well as the situation on the ground in the crisis-torn country, a diplomatic source close to the Syria task forces in Geneva told Sputnik.

“The sides exchanged their assessments of the situation on the ground [in Syria] and discussed ways to consolidate the ceasefire in Syria, as well as de-escalation of the situation in the context of documents on a mechanism of control and monitoring of the ceasefire,” the source said.

The source added that the participants of the meeting had also discussed documents on prisoner exchange between Syria’s warring parties and agreed in principle on the paper that would be unveiled in Astana on 3-4 May.

The trilateral consultations between the experts from Russia, Turkey and Iran took place in Tehran on 18-19 April.