Explosion injures two police officers in Turkey’s Mersin, minister blames PKK

An improvised explosive device targeted a police vehicle in southern city Mersin, 3 April 2017.

Two police officers were injured in an explosion in Turkey’ southern Mersin city Monday morning.

In a statement to Turkey’s state news agency AA, Mersin Governor Ozdemir Cakacak said the Tece Police Headquarters had been targeted with an improvised explosive device.

“A large-scale investigation has been launched into the attack. We believe it was remote controlled. Our officers do not have life threatening injuries. We will catch the perpetrators in a short space of time.”

In a statement, Transport Minister Lutfi Elvan claimed the attack was carried out by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

“Whatever this treacherous terror organisation does, it is not going to escape elimination,” he said.

The PKK has not made a statement regarding the attack.

Clashes between Turkish security forces and PKK members have intensified in rural areas recently. Clashes on the Iraq border in southeastern Hakkari and Mardin provinces have led to deaths on both sides.

Experts have said the Kurdish group has refrained from carrying out attacks in cities ahead of the 16 April constitutional referendum.