Factors That Make Fat Loss Exercises Successful

As you go about your weight loss program, it’s important to understand the main factors that make fat loss exercises successful. Those who are using proper weight loss programs will see much faster results than those that aren’t, so before you go off dedicating hours each week to the gym, it’s vital that you take this into account so you can be sure that you start off on the right food.

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Let’s have a quick look at the main factors that will determine whether or not your fat loss exercises are successful.

How Many Muscles Are Utilized

The very first factor to consider is how many muscles you’re going to be working at once while doing the exercise.

For example, with the bench press exercise you are going to be working the chest, the triceps, the shoulders, and even the biceps to a small extent since they will act as dynamic stabilization muscles.

Now compare this to a bicep curl instead.

Which do you think is going to burn more calories and be a better fat loss exercise? If you said the bench press, you’d be entirely correct.

Generally speaking, compound exercises, that is, any form of exercise that has you lifting and using as many muscles at once will have a much faster fat burning effect than an isolated exercise where you’re only targeting a single muscle group at a time.

If you use only isolated exercises in your workout program, you’re going to be in there performing exercises for a very long period of time.

Instead, turn to compound exercises only. These will really give you more bang for your buck.

How Heavy Of A Weight Are You Lifting

Second, the next thing to think about when assessing whether you’re doing the right fat loss exercises is how heavy of a weight you are able to lift.

When placing two exercises side by side, the exercise that allows you to lift the most weight is almost always going to be the more effective exercise for producing fat loss than the one that doesn’t.


Greater muscle activation. Again, the more weight you can lift, the more muscle fibers that will be called into play to hoist that weight and the faster progress you’re going to make.

Only in specific cases where you’re really focusing on high rep lifting and including multiple supersets or other advanced protocols in your program will lighter weight exercises be necessary.

How High Is Your Heart Rate

Finally, the third thing to look for when assessing the effectiveness of your fat loss exercises is what they are going to do to your heart rate. An exercise that does create a much higher heart rate while performing it will also burn off more calories minute per minute therefore allowing you to see much better results.

What’s more is that the faster you can move from exercise to exercise in your workout session while still ensuring that you are recovering so that you can maintain that heavy weight, the better off that overall fat burning program will be.

So keep all these three points in mind when assessing your fat loss exercises. If you have a number of exercises that don’t include these factors in your program, it may be time to make some changes.