Famous figures launch social media campaign to support Turkey constitutional reform

Famous Turkish figures, including controversial crime-boss Sedat Peker, have launched a social media campaign in support of Turkey’s upcoming referendum on constitutional reform.

A convicted criminal, Sedat Peker, also appeared in court last year for threatening academics who had called for an end to the conflict between the Turkish military and Kurdish PKK militants.

Peker said, “We will shed your blood in streams and take a shower in your blood…” but was acquitted by the court.

Other well known individuals including Barcelona footballer Arda Turan, former NBA player Hidayet Turkoglu and singer Ibrahim Tatlises are also supporting what critics have dubbed the ‘Presidential constitution’, because it affords the Mr Erdogan executive powers.

The social media campaign has attracted criticism however with people posting videos against the reform, which they say will erode parliamentary democracy and checks and balances in the country.