Father and son killed while trying to prevent ‘illegal voting’ in Turkey referendum

Ambulance arrives amidst armed special forces in Diyarbakir's Cermik district after two people were killed during Turkey referendum vote.

A father and son have been shot and killed in Diyarbakir’s Cermik district after they objected to AKP supporters voting on behalf of others in Turkey’s referendum vote.

Avdo Yildiz and his son Seyhmus were shot by Avdo Yildiz’s brother Hidir Yildiz and his sons after father and son objected to voting on behalf of people not present in the village, reported Dihaber news agency.

Avdo and Seyhmus Yildiz died at the scene of the incident and were taken to the local hospital.

Soldiers have been deployed to the village and all voting has been stopped according to reports.

Update: A third person who was injured in the shooting, Idris Yildiz, also from the same family, has died in hospital.