Filmmakers for Peace made urgent call for solidarity in 67th Berlinale

Filmmakers for Peace

Filmmakers for Peace members demonstrated at the launch of the 67th Berlin Film Festival Berlinale in solidarity with Turkey’s Academics for Peace. The group highlighted the oppression of journalists and academics who have been dismissed by emergency decree laws in Turkey.

Last year, a number of writers, filmmakers and lawyers issued statements to show their support for the Academics for Peace initiative after an investigation was launched into Turkish academics who signed a declaration calling for an end to the violence in Turkey’s Southeast.

The filmmakers made an urgent call for solidarity “against ongoing state oppression, censorship and injustice in Turkey”. The protesters said, “human rights and freedoms are being violated under the conditions of the state of emergency, academics who have called for peace have been dismissed, many public servants have been suspended or banned from their positions while journalists and opposition politicians are being imprisoned.”

The group also emphasised that they were blacklisted and subjected to heavy constraints because of the tense environment in Turkey.

“We, the filmmakers of Turkey, who have come together in the 67th Berlin Film Festival, are behind our very first call for peace. We are calling for support from our colleagues all over the world to rise up and be in solidarity with us against censorship, oppression and politics of war,” the Filmmakers for Peace declared.