Finding Good Marijuana Dealer – How to get the effective results?

For those of us who aren’t so lucky and live in a state where marijuana is completely illegal, or decriminalized and can’t just walk into a dispensary to buy our marijuana we have to find different less legal ways of procuring our marijuana. This is where marijuana dealers come into play. marijuana dealers come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Just kidding. Actually, though, there are many different kinds of marijuana dealers and depending on who they are and what kind of bud they usually deal in will either save you lots of time trying to procure your marijuana, or will just end up wasting your time day-in and day-out.

The best way to find any marijuana dealer is to network. Talk to people at work or school. Get to know them well enough so that you know they smoke marijuana, before asking them to get you some marijuana. Usually if you’re on good terms with someone and they know you smoke and you know they smoke then they won’t hesitate to hook you up with some bud. The finding of the right dealer is great for the purchase of cbd for pain. The smoking of the weed is reduced with the purchase of cbd. All the things should be in the notice of the people. The selection of the good items should be there to get the desired results. The finding of the best dealer will offer plenty of benefits. 

The problem with relying on other people’s marijuana connections is that they are often unreliable towards you, also you’ll have to smoke with whoever hooks you up and maybe the dealer. Depending on the circumstances you may not even know who he is, where he lives, or how to get ahold of him except through your marijuana smoking friend/acquaintance.

The next step to finding a good marijuana dealer is you have to get close to the dealer. If you find a friend who gets some good quality marijuana at a price you like then keep buying through him as long as he is comfortable with it. Some people will sketch out especially if they don’t know you very well or they may just not like you. If his dealer is reliable and can always get you guys some bud then you’re halfway there to finding a good dealer.

The hardest part is finding someone who isn’t just sometimes dealing when he has extra or every once in awhile. These kinds of people usually have a great price for some dank bud, but that’s only a one time occurrence, either they never have any marijuana again or get it at random times and hardly ever. This is a pain in the ass especially if you want to get high and the only guy you can call might have some marijuana once a month or never at all.

After you’ve made a few buys through a friend off of a dealer that you like you can try suggesting to meet the dealer. If your friend thinks your cool then he shouldn’t have a problem. Some dealers only deal with or through people they know personally so this may cause it to be harder to convince him to meet you.

Once you’ve met the dealer the hard part is over with. Get his number, you don’t have to become friends with your dealer like in all the stoner movies, but if you’re friends it’s usually better for you in the long run, with discounts, and a smoking buddy who always has marijuana. Even if you’re not friends a good dealer should always be looking to keep you up to date on what they got and are friendly enough that you can stand to deal with them. All you gotta do is stay on good terms with him, and he’ll continue to provide you with good buds at a price you like.