Five Gifts for a New Mom

Every new mom deserves something special. But with such a new miracle in her life you would think she wouldn’t want anything, right? Wrong! The first few months after having a baby are not just full of love and happiness but can be hectic and exhausting as well. So, what are some gift ideas for a new mom? Let me tell you.

Free Maid Service

Even without a baby, cleaning the house every day can be a hassle. Add in a newborn and it’s near impossible. I believe that free maid service for the first year or even the first six months can be a lifesaver for a new mother. Everyone always says sleep when the baby sleeps, don’t worry about the housework, etc. but for mothers like me, you don’t want a dirty house on top of everything else. This causes mothers to become even more exhausted than they should. Temporary free maid service can alleviate that. The qualities available at shops are enormous and a person needs to gather door gift supplier singapore information. The after-sales services should be great to get the desired results. The services should be free to get the right results with fewer prices. 

Free Day at the Spa

You ask any mom with an infant and I bet that she would say that she has not been able to pamper herself once recently, maybe even as far back as pregnancy. A free day at the spa is not only relaxing but it will lift a new mom’s spirits and improve her self confidence. Although I have never been pampered by myself or anyone else I know that if this gift had been offered I would have been on it like white on rice. All moms need a break and deserve some “me” time. To help things out I believe this gift should come with free babysitting as well.

Free Family Portrait Package

This is one new mom gift that I desperately would have loved to receive. My son is six and a half months old and I have yet to be able to afford to have professional pictures taken. Although I do have over one thousand photos taken with my digital camera, it just doesn’t compare to having someone take them for you. Capturing memories should not have to cost anyone a thing but everyone needs to make a living somehow, right? Why not help out a new family and give them at least one free package for them to cherish forever?

Free Subscription to Multiple Parenting Magazines

After I had my son I signed up for several parenting magazines. They have helped me so much with keeping up with milestones and how to deal with situations that will come up in the future. As a new mom, I was looking for all of the information that I could get my hands on so that I didn’t feel quite so lost about what I was doing. I was able to get these subscriptions free and I believe that all new moms should because they can be so helpful.

Free Year Membership to the Gym

I don’t care what any mom says to anyone else, in the back of their mind they’re saying “How the hell am I going to get rid of this weight and get back in shape?” For moms who are on a budget and live in the cold weather areas it can really be difficult to get out and lose the baby weight. Although you can find a good deal if you look really hard, nothing is more motivating than a free membership. You don’t have to worry about gym versus diapers or affording it one month but not the next. Any unnecessary payments can put a big strain on the relationship of new parents so let’s eliminate that problem.

As I’ve said before, all new mothers need a little gifting now and again. These ideas will make any mom’s day and will really help lift their mood. This is especially helpful when they are elbow deep in a poopy diaper!