Five Supplements That Keeps The Heart Fit And Coronary Ailments Away

Supplements these days come in a large variety, as they help keep one’s health fit and healthy. Most people tend to take supplements to curb off the deficiency of vitamins and protein in the body. But, recent studies have shown that supplements can also help keep the organs healthy and damage-free. In this, the heart takes the front row seat. There are many supplements which help in keeping the blood pressure low and also lower the cholesterol levels. All this can have a positive impact on the heart by making it fitter. Fit heart means fewer chances of getting nay heart and coronary-related distress and disease over time. Some of the supplements which can be taken for a healthier heart are discussed below.

Stanols and sterols

These supplements are meant to reduce the LDL levels in the blood. It also helps in lowering the absorption of cholesterol from the food that one eats daily. Stanols and sterols are mostly found in grains, nuts, yogurt, etc.; one should consult their doctor before taking this supplement daily.

Fiber supplements

Another element, which helps in lowering the fat and cholesterol absorption from blood, is fiber. Fiber is generally found in natural food groups like fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc. One should consume a certain amount of fiber every day to decrease fat absorption and better digestion. Other than the natural sources, one can also choose some fiber supplements like psyllium husk, wheat dextrin, methylcellulose, calcium polycarbophil, etc. These will reduce LDL and help in increasing HDL.

Coenzyme Q10

This supplement is usually prescribed to those who are taking statins for lowering cholesterol. Because statins tend to lower Coenzyme Q10 and, this can cause weakness and muscle pain. The body makes coenzyme Q10 on its but in small amounts. It is crucial to keep the blood pressure low and help keep the heart fit and healthy. One should strictly see a doctor before taking Coenzyme Q10 supplements to lower blood pressure, as it can have other reactions with medications.


Magnesium is one of the microelements that maintain heart health, and its deficiency can cause many coronary issues. Lowered magnesium levels can cause issues like plaque in arteries, increase blood pressure, calcification of coronary soft tissues, increase cholesterol levels, etc. This is why magnesium supplements like magnesium hydroxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium sulfate help keep the heart fit.

Fish oil

Lastly, the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil is highly effective in keeping the heart working. The long-chain fatty acids effectively cut down on the bad cholesterol, aka; triglycerides, to keep the heart fit. As not many people tend to have fish in their diet, it is better to opt for fish oil supplements.

Keeping one’s heart-healthy means keeping the entire body healthy. One can learn about heart health and supplement from  Also, taking care of the heart from an early age will help in minimizing heart disease risk. These supplements not only help in coronary disease away but also keep the deficiency away.