Four Unique Vacation Ideas – What are they?

Well if you are looking for a unique travel experience or just a serene vacation, these four travel destinations are bound to leave you the talk of the town while everyone else wastes their summer away at played out vacation spots.

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Normally I wouldn’t recommend heading to the heart of Alabama for vacation, but this spectacular music festival has bands varying from Dave Matthews to Jack White and everything in between. The three day festival is located in Gulf Shore, Alabama and is set up literally on the beach. The boardwalk is lined with tents as far as the eye can see and carnival rides to cater to music enthusiasts of all ages. If you’re looking for a little bit more than a relaxing weekend on the beach this May, The Hangout is the place for you to enjoy food, contests and some of the best bands in the country on the sandy shores of the hospitable Gulf Coast.

Ohio’s self proclaimed world’s greatest amusement park should without a doubt be at the top of any avid theme park fan’s bucket list. The roller coaster capital has 17 world class coasters and offers six on-site lodging resorts. If you are planning to attend this highly rated amusement park, staying on-site is the best option because although you may be able to find a cheaper motel off-site, Cedar Point offers discounted tickets to anyone staying in one of their own hotels. Cedar Point doesn’t just have roller coasters, the once niche park has added mechanical dinosaurs to take you back to a much simpler as part of their Adventure Island section of the park. If you ever get tired of the acclaimed theme park, you can always kick off your shoes and lay out on one of the on-site hotel’s backyard which just happens to be on the shore of the majestic Lake Erie.

Are you looking for a Jack Kerouac type of adventure this summer? Head up to Vancouver and take on the great Pacific Coast Bicycle Route. Whether you go alone or with a group, this amazing trail will give you ample time to soul search and with stops in Oregon, San Francisco and Santa Barbra you are bound to meet some new friends or at least acquaintances on your trip to Imperial Beach, California. The 1,853.5 mile bike trail is not child’s play and if you decide to take on this Everest you should spend months if not about a year training. With hostels along the trail, lodging should never be a problem and travel groups are always welcome to pick up new comers. During this week long escapade, you will find yourself at one with nature cycling down the divine Pacific Coast.

In the serene outskirts of the Adirondack Mountains, the little town of Lake Placid sits quiet in the shadows of true beauty. This isn’t the complete wilderness, but about as far as you can come to it while having a warm bed to recharge at the end of every day in. Whether touring the historic Olympic Stadium that hosted the United States’ monumental win over the heavily favored Soviet Union or heading on one of the dozen trails through the Adirondack Mountains, this calm get-a-way will be the ultimate way to refresh yourself for a weekend or more.