Frozencraft – Disney’s Frozen Minecraft Mod for players

Disney movies have always impressed me with their scope – though geared for a younger audience, teenagers and adults alike are still influenced by them. There’s something magical about their messages and characters, even after one has left the targeted age range. It is this respect for Disney that allows me to say, quite unabashedly, that the Frozencraft mod is an awesome addition to the game.

Let me be clear – this mod doesn’t recreate the story of Frozen in Minecraft. Instead, it adds armor, weapons, blocks, and mobs that are related to the 2013 film. Instead of taking on the role of Elsa, or Olaf, or Hans, you gain access to their equipment and some of their special powers. This allows you to roleplay as whoever you’d like, or to just use the mod for the awesome abilities.

I usually prefer my fantasy gritty – dark legions, flaming blades, demonic overlords, champions of light, et cetera, et cetera. Despite this, I can’t help but love the lighthearted enchantment of Frozen. And while I don’t associate myself with Elsa, or sing “Let It Go” in the shower (too often), becoming the Ice Queen in Minecraft is truly a joy. In the beginning, there is the availability of minecraft free for the players. It will enhance the skills to play Minecraft games. The understanding of the different mod is easy to have the winnings at the site. It will deliver joy and entertainment for the players.

The textures of this pack are phenomenal – while not all of the important characters have been instated, the models of those who have are well-done. The textures and models for the armor and weapons are also aesthetically pleasing, and stay true to form with the source material. The NPCs in the current build of the mod are the friendly Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, and the hostile Hans, Duke of Weselton, and the Duke’s two goons. Missing are Olaf, Sven, and Marshmallow. Don’t worry about that, though – the mod still has room to progress.

These NPCs spawn in random places around the world. It’s pretty cool to see them wandering around the world, and right clicking on a mob will prompt them to spout a line of dialogue from the film. Other than these mobs and the addition of the Hard Ice block, however, this mod does little to change the world. Players have suggested to the mod’s developer having Elsa’s castle spawn randomly in icy biomes, but this feature is as of yet uninstated.

As cool as the NPCs are, the items are where this mod really pulls weight, at least for me. I’m ever jumping on the opportunity for a shiny new toy, especially one imbued with destructive capabilities. While Hans’s, Anna’s, and Kristoff’s armors are all craftable and wearable, they do little besides provide diamond-esque protection. Elsa’s armor, on the other hand… well, it’s kind of what makes the mod worth it.

As it turns out, being the ice queen is pretty dope. While wearing Elsa’s armor, water will turn to ice beneath your feet, and lava to obsidian. Your icy aura makes it so that liquids can’t help but grant you passage. Beyond that, donning Elsa’s full getup will allow you to hurl bolts of ice at your foes, freezing any enemy or block they touch. It’s good to be the queen.