GemBuffs Minecraft Mod – Replaces Pesky Potions

Sometimes playing Minecraft with the help of alts for Minecraft takes me back to the days of Diablo 2, where leaving town without 100+ health potions on hand was sheer folly. As your character presses into the higher echelons of power in Minecraft, survival becomes increasingly dubious, forcing you to craft hundreds of potions. If you’re tired of gathering heaps of materials, crafting a cartload of options, and then dragging them from cavern to cavern, then this mod is for you!

The Gem Buffs mod makes it so that you’ll never need to craft potions again. Though they will still exist, they are rendered obsolete by the seven powerful and useful gems added by this mod.

I’m a fan of anything arcane, so magic gems are right up my alley. Even if a mod like this isn’t as exciting as, say, the Naruto Mod, it has its practical benefits and will make any Minecraft session more enjoyable.

Before I keep lauding the mod, however, I guess I should give my spiel on what the gems actually do. So without further adieu:

  • Gem of Salubrity: grants you a temporary period of boosted health and regeneration, as well as instantly restoring some health and hunger saturation
  • Gem of Lucidus: no crazy bells and whistles here, just the ability to see at night. Like a cat. Which is pretty cool in my book.
  • Gem of Celerity: run like never before – bolster your speed and jumping abilities for a short time
  • Gem of Tutela: using this gem grants you resistance to both damage and the elements, without pesky potions
  • Gem of Branchia: improves your lungs to be able to process water – water breathing has never been easier
  • Gem of Potentia: if you’re looking for mad strength gains, you best be using this gem on every excursion

Wow – not only does this mod make your Minecraft adventuring more efficient (and more fun, if I may opine), but it builds your vocabulary, too! But that’s not what we’re here for. We’re all about those virtual gains.

What’s is insane about these gems is that once you make one, it’s indefinitely reusable. All you have to do is equip it and click to trigger a gem’s bonuses. Even crazier, they stack.

That means, if you’re not averse to dedicating seven inventory slots to these gems, it’s possible to run around as a perpetually salubrious, celeritous, invisible, water-breathing beefcastle. More likely, though, you’ll only need a few select gems – whichever ones you deem fit for your current undertaking.

For those afraid that these gems are rather imbalanced, fear not – they will not make your Minecraft experience insipid. The ore block necessary to craft the gems is rare and buried deep – your character will be well into the game before you can craft a full set of these. That is, of course, assuming you don’t spawn the blocks or necessary items – but in that case, I don’t think you’d be concerned with the gems’ lack of balance.