German officials to meet imprisoned Die Welt journalist Deniz Yucel

Journalist Deniz Yucel has been in solitary confinement since 14 February 2017.

Turkey has given German officials permission to meet with imprisoned Turkish-German journalist Deniz Yucel.

According to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle the request by the German Embassy to meet with the journalist was approved today.

“The meeting is expected to take place tomorrow [on Tuesday],” DW announced.

Yucel was reporting on Turkey’s Kurdish question and also the hacked emails of Turkey’s Energy Minister Berat Albayrak, when he was detained on 14 February.

In a recent message, Yucel said he was being kept in a four-m² cell alone. He ridiculed the justification for his arrest saying, “I was taken into custody regarding the hacked emails of Minister Albayrak, then I was kept in prison for being a member of Gulenist movement. Finally they arrested me for PKK propaganda.”

The journalist is being held in pre-trial detention for “disseminating the propaganda of a terrorist organisation” and “inciting people to hatred and enmity.”

More than a 150 journalists are behind bars in Turkey. According to the Committee for Protecting Journalist (CPJ) the country is the largest jailer of journalists.