‘Germany should immediately withdraw from Turkey’s Incirlik Air base’

Cem Ozdemir recently called for a 'no' vote in the upcoming constitutional referendum in Turkey. (© dpa)

Germany’s Green Party co-leader Cem Ozdemir has urged Berlin to withdraw German troops from Turkey’s Incirlik Air base.

In a statement to Schwabische Zeitung daily, the German-Turkish politician said, “We are not required (in Incirlik). The federal government should put an end to the constant humiliation and stop showing gratitude for it.”

Ozdemir added that Jordan and Cyprus, as well as several other countries would be pleased to open its doors to Germany, so the soldiers should withdraw from Turkey as soon as possible.

The politician, who has been a vocal critic of Turkey’s president also stressed that Ankara is no longer a reliable partner in security matters.

Turkey has threatened to close the air base in southern city Adana to US forces due to support for the Kurdish groups in Syria. The base was also a focal point following last year’s coup attempt as claims that it had been directed from there proliferated in the media.

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Germany have hit rock bottom in recent months as German officials have been critical of the Turkish government’s crackdown on the opposition and media. Ankara has accused Berlin of “Nazi practises” after Turkish ministers were not allowed to hold rallies in Germany.